Advisory Council Representative

Gerry has 30 years of experience in facilitating planning, product development, brand/product management, senior marketing management, and business general management with Mobil Oil, AMAX, Pennzoil, Gold Eagle, and Saudi Aramco, as well as ownership of three successful sole proprietorships. He also helped over 70 businesses get back on their feet in Kosovo after the war there, under a consulting firm contracted with USAID. After retirement, Mr. Smith has continued to help over 160 businesses over 6 years through SCORE as a counselor and marketing chair for the local chapter. He also did taxes for older adults and is the Admissions Representative for the USMA at West Point in Central Oregon.

Gerry earned his BS from West Point and an MBA from the University of Michigan and the University of Dallas with studies in marketing and accounting.

Why I Serve…

“I want to use my experience and talents, along with other committed volunteers, to help solve big and important issues facing older adults in Central Oregon.”