Over the course of our life time, our circumstances are likely to change. Information, answers to questions, and access to resources aren’t always easy to obtain. That’s where Bob Bailey comes in. As our Information and Resource Specialist, he’s always happy to help answer inquiries from an aging adult, their caregivers, or concerned children.

Bob offers our callers unbiased information, support, access to resources and a welcoming voice for callers facing new or old aging in place challenges. Whether you need help assuring your home is safe and comfortable or concerned about changes in the behaviors or mood of your spouse or loved one; Bob is here to help. 

 “Getting the right information can be confusing,” says Bob Bailey, Information and Resources Specialist at the Council on Aging. “I talk with dozens of people every week and many are facing a sudden or unexpected life change and they are overwhelmed and not sure what to do.” 

Perhaps a fall has led to a need to find new housing options for a parent. Or you are looking to understand more about what Medicare offers as you approach 65. Maybe you have been the caregiver for your spouse and are feeling down and burned out, not sure how to get some relief. 

“I try to steer people in the right direction, so they can find a solution to whatever aging-related issue they’re grappling with,” explains Bob. “I stay on top of new programs and services local to people in Central Oregon, even if it’s something I hear on the news. I also work hard to keep our existing sources current and research questions I haven’t heard before.”

Bob also assist inquirers for whom services are unavailable by locating alternative resources, when necessary, actively participating in linking the inquirer to needed services, and following up on referrals to ensure the service was provided. 

He provides callers much needed information in a variety of ways, depending on what works best for the person asking. For example, if someone doesn’t have access to a computer, Bob will be happy to send the resource lists in the mail.

“However they need it, I’m glad to get them the information that helps them make informed decisions,” says Bob. “The goal is empowerment. I don’t do the work for them, but I give them the tools that help them succeed in solving their problems. And I try to give them hope, which is often the last thing they’re feeling before reaching us.”

The goal of the Information and Referral Program is to help our clients maintain their independence by providing access to information about community-wide resources and helping determine the right avenues to explore services available in Deschutes, Jefferson and Crook counties. 

And, our Information and Referral program supports practices that respect everyone’s right to:

  • Anonymous and confidential access to information
  • Assistance based on the inquirer’s personal value system
  • Treatment that respects the individual and exhibits cultural sensitivity
  • Self-determination
  • Choice in access to services
  • Accurate and comprehensive information appropriate to address individual needs

Information and Referral support is one of the services used most by adults aged 60+ in Central Oregon. Last year alone, the Council on Aging helped answer over 12,600 inquiries.  For free information and help in addressing aging-related issues, give us a call at (541) 678-5483 or send an email to info@councilonaging.org.


  1. 1
    gene roark on August 5, 2020

    I have a nice home in Bend and I would like to have a renter share this space, I wonder if you might help assist,. or guide me to resources, besides Craigs list, which I do not trust
    I am 68 years old and have two pets

    1. 2
      dlabuda on August 12, 2020


      Please call our Information Specialist, Bob Bailey and see if he has any resources that can help you find a roommate. (541) 678 5483. Denise

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