The number one disaster threat to homes and families isn’t a dreaded Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake. It’s not torrential rains and massive flooding.  It’s not even a colossal freeway pileup. Instead, it’s a tiny spark – that leads to a flame – that leads to a fire – a home fire.  One that destroys possessions, displaces people, and costs some their lives.  

On average, seven people die every day from a home fire, and 36 others suffer injuries. 

In addition, more than seven billion dollars in property damage occurs every year because of home fires.  In fact, the Red Cross responds to over five home fires every day in the Cascades Region alone, impacting roughly 700 families per year. 

That’s why the American Red Cross offers FREE virtual home fire safety education sessions to our community. From the comfort of your home, you and a trained Red Cross volunteer will discuss your home fire escape plan. You’ll practice your 2-minute drill, test smoke alarms, and talk about other critical home fire safety tips.

So yes, a home fire is the number one disaster threat. But there is a flicker of hope among these destructive statistics. Death and devastation at the blistering hands of a home fire are preventable.  

Take the first step. Make a free 30-minute one-on-one appointment where we share important life-saving fire safety information. To request an appointment, visit, email, or call (541)749-4144.

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