Board Vice President

Jenni has lived in Oregon for the past 21 years, raising her two daughters and transitioning her medical career to meet the needs of the shifting population. She worked as a kidney doctor for 17 years, caring for complex and chronically ill patients. Recognizing the need to focus on the person with the disease and the related social issues interfering with health, she changed paths to help develop a palliative care program in Salem. She now uses that experience in Central Oregon working at St. Charles Hospital. In her free time, she enjoys climbing, backpacking, skiing/snowboarding and anything outdoors.

Why I Serve…

“Working with chronic disease throughout my career, I see the opportunity to improve the health and lives of our aging communities with proactive social interventions. The Council on Aging has a mission to promote the dignity and well-being of older adults that I want to help them fulfill by bringing a physician’s viewpoint to the board.”