It can be overwhelming to try to understand your options for Long-term Services and Supports as you age. The Council on Aging of Central Oregon, which is the Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC)’s local office, provides free options counseling to help you take steps today to prepare for your future needs.

Our skilled professional options counselors can help you assess your strengths, needs, and challenges. The options counselor can connect you with local resources, resolve problems, and help with short- and long-term planning.

What are Long-term Services and Supports?

Your needs for long-term services and supports will often change over time. For example, early on you may need help once in a while for a few activities of daily living. You may choose to get that help in your own home. Over time, you may need more regular help and choose to live in a licensed facility or other long-term care setting.

Some of the available long-term services and supports are:

  • Community-based services, such as adult day service programs, meal programs, senior centers, transportation services, and chronic disease-self-management programs.
  • Home-based services, such as home health care, personal care services, chore services, and home-delivered meals.
  • Facility-based services, such as adult foster/care homes, assisted living and residential care facilities, nursing facilities, and memory care communities.
  • Other resources and supports, such as programs for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, caregiver support programs, legal assistance, and Adult Protective Services.

The ADRC of Oregon has a Planning Toolkit where you can find information, resources, and tools to help you start planning.

Contact an Options Counselor

The Council on Aging of Central Oregon’s options counselors can talk with you about your long-term care needs and local options. If you would like to set up an options counseling appointment, call us at (541) 678-5483.