Founded in 1974, the Council on Aging of Central Oregon was established under the Older Americans Act (OAA) to respond to the needs of Americans 60 and over in every local community.

Core Older Americans Act programs and services, which are the backbone of the nation’s non-Medicaid home and community-based services and supports to older adults, makes it possible for seniors to “age in place,” on their terms, and in their homes & communities.

Our Mission

We advocate for, empower and guide older adults and their loved ones to live with independence and well-being.

Our Vision

A world that grows older better, together.

Our Values

Everything we do is guided by compassion, collaboration, reliability, integrity and respect.

Supporting Age-friendly Communities

The Council on Aging advocates for age-friendly cities— places where infrastructure, policies, and practices are developed to make the community livable, accessible, and responsive to the needs of people of all ages, especially older adults. By 2030, people 65+ will comprise almost 20 percent of the nation’s population — and in many communities, that percentage is already a reality.

Learn more and get involved in your local Central Oregon community in its efforts to become age-friendly: