Senator Wyden Discusses Pharmacy Access, Drug Prices, and the ‘Build Back Better Plan’ with Seniors

Bend, Ore., November 18, 2021 – The Council on Aging of Central Oregon, the tri-county non-profit that helps keep seniors fed, safe and connected, today announced that Senator Ron Wyden visited their Bend office for an informal town hall with local seniors.  Attendees had the chance to ask the Senator about their most pressing issues which included pharmacy access challenges, escalating drug prices, long term care services, and why basic Medicare still does not include dental, vision and hearing coverage.  

Medicare Coverage and Drug Prices Key Areas Needing Improvement

Many of the challenges our Central Oregon seniors are facing involve critical services that are not currently covered by Medicare, as well as the ever escalating cost of prescription drugs. Senator Wyden views Medicare as the backbone of the American healthcare system. He shared the ways in which he has been working hard to improve the program to better meet the needs of older Americans with multiple chronic illnesses; to reduce the high out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs and other services that can shred family budgets; and to lower costs for seniors and taxpayers by eliminating fraud and waste. It was a wide ranging conversation.

Susan Rotella, Council on Aging’s Executive Director, commented, “Senator Wyden continues to demonstrate his commitment to Oregon seniors and has a proven track record of getting bills passed to meet the needs of this fastest growing population segment. We were honored to have the opportunity to ask Senator Wyden our questions and hear how he is leading various efforts in the Senate to fix the most pressing problems facing today’s seniors.”

Timeless Commitment to Helping Seniors in Need

“I have focused on senior issues my entire career in both the Senate and the House, and I am very committed to addressing the gaps in our Medicare system and helping reduce drug prices in order to help provide seniors with the health care they deserve,” stated Senator Ron Wyden.

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