Here’s a hearty congratulation to our Volunteer of the Month, Bob Hancock! His hard work is an asset to the Council on Aging (CoA) of Central Oregon. Bob has been driving for the CoA for almost a decade and is willing to go that extra mile to do whatever it takes to help.

Bob, what brought you to the Council on Aging as a volunteer?

I volunteered at Habitat for Humanity, but I needed knee surgery, so I stopped volunteering there. I saw an ad in Wise Buys Ads & More and contacted the meal site coordinator. There was a need for drivers at that time. I’ve been driving for about eight years. I’m looking to do whatever it takes to help. I heard Meals on Wheel mentioned but didn’t know enough about it, so I was curious.

You’ve been with the CoA awhile; are you close to your fellow volunteers?

I’ve gotten to know the other volunteers while packing up meals before our routes. They’re great people – they’ll go the extra mile to help people. They want to make life a little easier for others. I’ve made many new friends.

Is the experience working with seniors helping you grow as a person?

I’ve been growing for years. It’s about the people. It’s about being a friendly face that greets them when I’m delivering their food. It’s about growing friendships. 

For someone looking to volunteer at the Council on Aging, what would you say?

Go for it! I’ve brought other volunteers into the organization and trained them. I’ve shoveled snow for clients, done extra tasks, and run errands. They’re good people that need our help.

What’s the most important thing a volunteer like yourself can do for our seniors?

Be the friendly face for those who are homebound…my clients look forward to my arrival. 

We form a relationship. My clients appreciate what I do. 

How does volunteering for the Council on Aging make you feel?

It makes me feel good – I’m blessed I can serve people younger than myself. I wish I had been able to volunteer sooner. It was just not the right timing, but I’m here today.

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