We’d like to extend a hearty congratulations to our volunteer of the month Natalie Morganti.  Natalie prepares and packages food for our Grab-N-Go program. She also volunteers for Pet Pals, where she fulfills orders and makes deliveries.

Natalie, why did you decide on volunteering at the Council on Aging?

I’ve volunteered with Meals on Wheels and other community organizations in the past. I find it rewarding to give back to the community. Past volunteering experiences led me to the Council on Aging of Central Oregon. The website listed numerous volunteer opportunities in several different areas. I filled out the online application, and now I’m here volunteering. It was that easy.

What’s it like working with your fellow volunteers?

It’s fantastic! I’ve met a lot of wonderful people. It’s a great place to volunteer. Everyone is friendly and easygoing.

What’s the most important thing the Council on Aging volunteers can do for our seniors?

Be there, be present, and be dedicated to whatever their volunteer role is. Also, remember that there is nothing left to do at the end of the day but smile, smile, smile! A simple smile can change someone’s entire world.

Is the experience helping you grow as a person?

Volunteering here serves as a good reminder that we are all here together on this soul planet. Leaning on each other and helping each other. Together we’ll keep on rolling.

Do you sense that those served appreciate what volunteers like you do?

Absolutely! I know first-hand how appreciative those served are of the services we provide.

How does volunteering for the Council on Aging make you feel?

Sometimes it makes me feel hungry because the food smells so good. I’m just kidding. It’s gratifying and makes me feel happy to be able to help.

We are grateful for the support Natalie, our September volunteer on the month has given to the Council on Aging. Thank you!

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