Board President

I am a recently retired professor of Gerontology and life long advocate and activist for aging and older persons and the field of Gerontology. I am also a life long founder of organizations that advance higher education and community-based research, programs and services for older persons and their families. The mission and work is about creating age-friendly communities. I am currently the executive director of the Center for Age-Friendly Excellence (CAFE); and president of the National Association for Professional Gerontologists (NAPG) I live in Bend and enjoy international travel, hiking, yoga, writing, entertaining friends and family and community leadership. I am also learning to be a better digital photographer.

Why I Serve…

“The Council on Aging organization and my personal mission in life are a perfect fit. This unique, growing, and values-driven community agency strives to touch and lift up the lives of all older persons and their families in Central Oregon and I am delighted to serve as its board president.”