Compassionate. Collaborative. Reliable. Respectful. Principled. Meet some of the people who make the Council on Aging of Central Oregon a place for connection and community. Here’s who they are and why they value the work they do.

Susan Rotella


What I do: I lead a committed team of staff members and volunteers, who work tirelessly, and with great heart, to improve the lives of our older adult neighbors in Central Oregon.

Why I do it: I’ve always gravitated toward older persons, to their experiences, perspective, and hard-earned wisdom. Over the decades, my life has been enriched by elders… parents, teachers, friends, mentors, and clients. This role provides an opportunity to give back, while continuing to be enriched by the lives of those we serve every day.

Les Marstella

Les Marstella

Chief Financial

What I do: I support the Council on Aging of Central Oregon team members and Board of Directors as they execute their mission to improve the wellbeing of seniors in Central Oregon by directing Accounting, Finance and HR functions and management of related staff and by providing valuable financial information that will help them be more effective and efficient in this quest.

Why I do it: I want to make a difference in the lives of people in our community. The Council is working today to create the best possible programs and tools to improve the environment and wellbeing of our seniors and to provide opportunities for our community members to assist in this support process and to teach the community the intrinsic value of associating with and supporting our seniors so that the future generations of tomorrow will continue to improve their support of this ever growing segment of the population.

Steven Remington

Steven Remington

Director of

What I do: I help individuals, corporations and foundations understand the services we provide and the urgent and growing need for resources to address the issues of our aging population. I build community by connecting those with abundance and those in need.

Why I do it: I believe our culture does not integrate and honor our elders in a way that guarantees basic needs such as food, shelter, safety, and security. I see people facing isolation and loneliness and fear that their stories will go unheard and their lives unnoticed. 

Cassie Regimbal

Cassie Regimbal, LMSW

Associate Executive

What I do: I oversee the client services team, and manage many of the direct services that are offered through the Council on Aging.

Why I do it: I have always had a passion for working with older adults, advocating for and respecting individual stories and situations. I love being part of something that is making a difference in someone else’s world.

Laurie Weber

Director of Creative

What I do: I work with an incredibly talented team to create TV, radio, print, and out-of-home communications that highlight the needs of older adults and the programs offered by the Council on Aging that empower people to age successfully in the community of their choice.

Why I do it: My life has been blessed with a wonderful career in advertising, a supportive family, and a grandmother that was my best friend. The wisdom and guidance that older adults offer our community are priceless and I am delighted to help tell their story.

Emma headshot

Emma Fried-Cassorla

Director of Communications and

What I do: I inspire compassion by being a voice for older adults via our website, social media, events, direct mail, press, and advertising. I also manage our non-federally funded program, Caring Connections, and I am actively involved in designing and developing new programs that support seniors.

Why I do it: As a new resident in Central Oregon, I felt the need to invest in and help support my community. This position allows me to highlight their stories and advocate for older adults, residents with disabilities, and their caretakers.

Marianne McClure

Marianne McClure


What I do:  I manage the fantastic volunteers who give of their time to support much needed services for seniors in our community. Without volunteers, we couldn’t begin to meet the needs of our senior neighbors.

Why I do it: I do it because I’ve realized our aging population, especially those living alone, deserves a support system that helps them manage the challenges of daily life, from meals to social activities. They appreciate us, we are enriched by them, and the community benefits. .

Bob Deboard

Bob DeBoard


What I do:  I maintain our three agency buildings, connectivity, construction management and anything else needed to keep our business offices running smoothly.

Why I do it: The chance to help an older adult through even a few of their challenges as they age is very rewarding. The friendships and partnerships gained over my time here have been amazing.

Cathy Lang

Director of Nutrition

What I do: I lead and inspire a devoted team of paid staff and volunteers as they help seniors battle hunger and isolation.

Why I do it: There is something magical about sharing a well-made meal with our senior community, having meaningful conversations, and feeling like I’m making a real difference in someone’s day. It does more than just keep a body alive. It brings comfort and joy. Sharing food and life stories is my passion, and I am thrilled to use my enthusiasm to delight seniors.