Based on Medicare survey data 57% of all Medicare enrollees don’t review or compare their coverage options annually.

The problem? You may not have the plan that best serves your needs. And the clock is ticking. October 15 until December 7th Medicare open enrollment period is the only time you can make changes for 2022.

Until December 7, you can shop the Medicare marketplace for the prescription drug and Advantage plans offered by commercial insurance companies. You can also switch between fee-for-service original Medicare and Advantage.

What You Don’t Know Could Cost You

If you have original Medicare with a Medigap supplemental plan and don’t use a drug plan, experts say there’s no need to re-evaluate your coverage. But Part D drug plans and Advantage plans should be reviewed annually as there could be changes to the rosters of in-network health care providers.

“Plans can not only change the monthly premium but the list of covered drugs,” said Frederic Riccardi, president of the Medicare Rights Center. “And they can change the rules around your access to drugs or impose quantity limits or require prior authorizations.”

Have Questions About Medicare? We May Be Able to Help

The Medicare program and all the different options can be challenging to understand. Our Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance (SHIBA) trained volunteers offer free, unbiased, and confidential assistance with Medicare insurance choices. Changes need to be made by December 7, 2021, for coverage to begin without interruption on January 1, 2022.

Our SHIBA Counselors Can Help You:

  • Review your current coverage and changes in 2022
  • Sign up for or change Medicare Part D plan
  • Sign up for or change Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Switch from original Medicare to Medicare Advantage or vice versa

To schedule a phone appointment, call (541) 678-5483 and dial ext. 211.

Leave a message and a SHIBA counselor will return your call, usually by the end of the next business day. Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, all Medicare Counseling appointments will be over the phone or ZOOM only. Appointments are available in both English and Spanish. Asistencia con Medicare y consejería de SHIBA en español están disponibles llamando al (541) 325-6837.

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