There’s no question about it: Our bodies change as we age. Older adults have different nutritional needs than teenagers, children and middle-aged adults.

Age-related changes can affect how our body processes food, which influences our dietary needs and affects our appetite.

Older adults face specific challenges, ranging from difficulty chewing to problems with digesting to special dietary needs owing to changing metabolism or medications.

Related Services

Our information specialists can help you access services that provide meals and nutrition counseling. These programs may include:

  • Meals on Wheels: 
    enhances the quality of life of home-bound individuals by providing home-delivered nutritious meals, personal contact, and related services.
  • Community Dining: a hot meal for older adults (60+), offered at no-cost, and a chance to socialize with other community members.
  • Nutrition Counseling: work with a nutritionist to design a healthy diet plan specific to their needs.
  • Nutrition Education: learn how to eat better, manage chronic disease and find support managing weight.

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