Older adults often need specialized medical assistance as they age, including different prescribed medications, dental care and more.  Medical and dental assistance programs are available for older adults to ensure they get the health and dental care they need.

medical help

It can be confusing to figure out what services and equipment are covered and what alternative insurance options are available to help cover hearing and vision costs.

Medicare Counseling: Our highly trained volunteer Medicare counselors provide free counseling to people with Medicare (and those looking to sign up at age 65) to better understand Medicare and the options and they support seniors during annual open enrollment periods.

My Medicare Matters: My Medicare Matters is an educational website created by nonprofit the National Council on Aging (NCOA). This service is designed to make it easier for people with Medicare (and those turning 65) to make informed and confident choices about their health coverage and to make the most of that coverage

Medical and Dental: Older adults and caregivers can find out about insurance plans, benefits eligibility, local providers and medical financial assistance resources.

Vision and Hearing: Learn what Medicare does and doesn’t cover related to vision and hearing care and where you can go to find help paying for these services.

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