Trouble balancing is the most common reason seniors seek medical help

Good balance is critical to staying active, independent, and to go about daily life. If you have good balance you can walk without staggering, and you are unlikely to fall while getting out of a chair. 

If you’ve ever felt lightheaded or dizzy, you may be having trouble balancing. Often this dizziness is caused by issues with your inner ear.  A common symptom is vertigo where you feel like things around you are spinning. 

You can help identify a balance problem. Here are the most common symptoms of balance disorder: 

  • Do you feel unsteady?
  • Do you feel as if the room is spinning around me?
  • Do you feel as if I’m moving when I’m standing or sitting still?
  • Do you lose my balance and fall quickly?
  • Do you feel like I’m falling when standing?
  • Do you feel lightheaded or faint?
  • Does your vision become blurred?
  • Do you ever feel disoriented, lose your sense of time, place, or identity?

If you have trouble balancing, talk to your doctor about whether it’s safe to drive and how to lower your risk of falling during daily activities, such as walking up or down stairs, using the bathroom, or exercising. To reduce your risk of injury from dizziness, avoid walking in the dark. You should also wear low-heeled shoes or walking shoes outdoors. If necessary, use a cane or walker, and modify conditions at your home and workplace, such as adding handrails.

Think you have trouble balancing? Learn more at one of these complimentary events.

  • You’ll receive a complimentary 30-minute fall risk screening which provides:
  • Full screening of your gait, balance, and leg strength
  • Functional assessments of balance and fall risk with daily activities
  • Personalized plans to reduce risk of falls in the future
  • Recommendations on whether physical therapy could reduce your fall risk


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